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The work I had no idea was waiting for me, the happiness it gave me, the fear of failing, the euphoria of getting my favourite photographer to be part of this, the nervousness to tell people what I want and need, the fun while doing and the tears while failing. I laughed and jumped around the room. I was never so excited in my life. I was never so insecure and afraid. I wanted to scream it to the world, hug all the fantastic people who helped me, all the amazing women who are part of this, and sometimes just hit the delete button.

There was a time I thought I would get a heart attack, and my heart was racing nonstop. I was soooooo excited when the pieces started to come together. We, Volume One, worked together as one. 🥹♥️🌎

I still get up in the morning and look at my Indesign, my wall, my test prints, and all the stages of trying to make this happen in the last months.

I'm staring at my screen to kill the waiting time. This magazine is in print, and soon I can hold it in my hands...soon you can hold it, what’s even more important and exciting!!! 🥳 Love, Mel

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