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We published our first book! 2019/2020

We travel past mountains, beautiful fjords and enormous glaciers, over the seemingly endless pack-ice of the Arctic Ocean and close to the impressive wildlife which is struggling for survival in the most extreme, and at the same time most beautiful, environment on Earth.

This is the personal record of photographer Melissa Schäfer’s and producer Fredrik Granath’s life, love and work on the ice. Groundbreaking photography takes us on an unprecedented visual journey across the Arctic seen through the eyes of the polar bear. It s a witness report from the top of our planet with unique insight into the life of the polar bear and the world of ice which is its home.

But this book is not only about the polar bear. It is about all of us. The Arctic is the Ground Zero of climate change and the polar bear is at the front line. The future of a living planet is directly tied to the future of this region. Every ounce of ice, every drop of water, every single life on this planet is connected.

The authors work in a unique way: they are alone on the ice with the most dangerous animal on Earth. They spend months in the field every winter on their expeditions, live with the polar bears, and give them time to let them allow us into their lives. By doing that, what is behind and between the photographs is just as important as the photographs themselves.

This is a story about ice, about life and about all of us.

-Fredrik Granath

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