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A glimpse of a moment


Photo by Fredrik Granath

I watch every step he takes. It feels like slow motion. You can feel his power with every little movement, every step and every time he turns his head into the wind to smell us. He is beautiful and scary at the same time. When he comes closer and his eyes meet mine I hold my breath, I can feel my heart pumping hard, but I can’t feel my cold hands anymore. Time stands still.

Everything inside me screams to take photos, to catch this moment and hold it forever but I also don’t want anything between us, between this contact.

This is maybe what is most difficult for me. My love for photography and at the same time not wanting to miss the moment. He turns around and walks away. I look after him and feel the tears rolling down my face, a look at Fred with tears in his eyes show me that he feels exactly what I feel.


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