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Photo: Gian

Photo by:@gianpaolo.vanni

About us

Melissa Schäfer & Fredrik Granath

We are photographer Melissa Schäfer and producer Fredrik Granath. Partners in life, work, and all. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.


We do this work because we feel it is important. But also because we love it. We love living in the field, the long spells of wintertime on the pack ice, and around the frozen fjords. It is work that is as much life as it is work. Our goal is to capture the truth, and perhaps some of the essences of Arctic life. We want to get to know our subjects. Because when we're able to do that, what is behind and between the photographs becomes more important than the photos themselves.

And a story is created, where all the images connect and add up to something bigger than the individual shots. To life. 

"Every ounce of ice, every drop of water, every single life on this planet is connected"

"If nature isn’t kept healthy, humans will not survive. It is as simple as that."



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