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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Hello world.

The right to put up your tent almost everywhere in Sweden is called "allemansrätten”, which roughly translates to “everyone’s right”.

If you’re not standing on private land close to a house. you can sleep everywhere in nature here in Sweden, you can pick berries in the forest and swim in whatever lake you pass on your journey. The Swedish landscape is filled with fresh water streams, forests, and especially in the north: mountains and hills.

We found our own little heaven, right here. Alone in Swedish nature. It was the first time for me to camp really far away from cities and villages and I loved it.

This may be my favourite photo, I woke up earlier in the morning and saw the red light coming through the little window In our tent. Fredrik was sleeping like a baby. I sneaked out and I’m not sure if my heart stopped or started beating faster but this view… the landscape covered in red and orange and in the middle and on top of a little hill our home in form of a tent - breathtaking.

How we came to this adventure and what else we saw, in the next blogpost.

Do you hear Hubba bear snoring inside? :D

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